Diamir Outdoor Company
SINCE 1980

Clothing for mountaineering and mountain sports

In 1980 we started the manufacture of handmade sleeping bags, since then, with our down sleeping bags and our high altitude divers we have climbed, on many occasions, each of the 14 highest peaks of the Himalayas.


Our offices have been located in Getxo since 1980, where we design, make all the patterns and develop each of our products, we source the necessary raw materials and manufacture all the prototypes that we test in the mountains, with the invaluable help of our sportsmen and women friends. It is always necessary to modify, improve and adjust every detail, we do this by listening to all suggestions until they are ready to be mass produced, this process can take more than a year for each new development.
In our workshop we also make the more complex parts of our range, such as bags and down-filled garments.
Many of the fabrics and components we use are exclusive to our company, developed in conjunction with renowned textile companies. We also buy raw materials from the most prestigious technical companies in the textile sector. We make an important effort to incorporate fabrics and components from nearby companies.

All our products are manufactured in Spain and Portugal.


We are very confident in what we do, in the effort and dedication we put into every detail, so we only add new pieces to our collection once we are truly convinced their quality and performance are at the standard we set ourselves. For this reason, we offer a lifetime guarantee against any material or manufacturing defects on all our products.

Quality and environmental policy

In KEY MATERIALS S.L. we are aware of the importance of offering a quality service as a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of technical clothing, as well as respect for the environment. For this reason we allocate the necessary resources to offer a service with all the guarantees of efficiency, quality and environmental care. In June 2020 the company has implemented the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards under the following objectives:

  • We are committed to comply with the laws, regulations, or any type of regulation for the Protection of the Environment. 
  • We are a company with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing sector combined with the best professionals, suppliers and materials. 
  • We are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the Integrated System by fostering customer relationships, as well as maintaining a risk management system.
  •  The company maintains effective communication with customers in order to know their expectations and needs in order to produce garments according to their requirements.
  • There is a commitment to evaluate the environmental aspects generated by our activity, in order to minimise the impact on the environment as far as possible and to prevent pollution. 
  • All our quality and environmental objectives and targets will be continuously reviewed.

This policy is in line with the values of KEY MATERIALS and is communicated and disseminated to all stakeholders of the organisation.


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